June 5, 2020

In light of our society’s current state, not only in this country but across the world, we have decided that it is not only out of touch, but socially irresponsible for us to focus our energy on the release of our new album. “Flower” was scheduled for release next Friday, June 5th. We will be postponing it’s release indefinitely until we feel it is respectful and appropriate.

For now we will focus our energy on what we believe is the most dire and pressing need in our country; Justice for black lives and voices extinguished by the systemic oppressive racism in America’s judicial system and the appalling show of heartless brutality by America’s militarized police forces.

In the meantime, we will be standing in line and lending our voices to the George Floyd police brutality protests and the #blacklivesmatter movement. Thank you for understanding the scale and immensity of the historical moment we are all sharing together now.

For our brothers and sisters in spirit; We see you. We hear you. We support you. Solidarity. 

Please donate to the Black Visions Collective of Minnesota in lieu of checking out our album this week:

Palm Daze is a psychotropic-chillwave aural dream featuring shimmering synths and hypnotic rhythms that lull the listener into a sense of hypnotic euphoria. The Austin-based nouveau psychedelic synth-rock band has made a name for itself as a heady and engaging live act, that concocts the perfect soundtracks for your next hallucinogen-driven slumber party. The group strays from the typical cliches found in modern psych-rock by creating a sound that combines a host of influences from Peter Gabriel to Pompeii-era Pink Floyd. The result is a unique and lush soundscape typified by vintage synthesizers, complex drum rhythms, deep, powerful bass, and a good dose of auxiliary percussion.

Palm Daze is known for their energetic and danceable live shows featuring synchronized lights and projected psychedelic visuals by contributing visual artist and collaborator Gabriel Phoenix.

Lead by keyboardist and vocalist Eric McClung, Palm Daze rounds out its trio with lifetime friend, bandmate, and drummer Ryan Heath, along with bassist Everett Bergstedt. Their strong musical coherence makes Palm Daze a unique presence that stands out among other musicians in the growing music scene in Austin, Texas, the ”Live Music Capital Of The World”.

Palm Daze’s latest release, Flower, dropping Friday, June 5th, 2020, has been perfected over several years with many talented collaborators. Flower was recorded and produced by award-winning producer and close friend of the band, Danny Reisch, and mastered by Max Lorenzen.